Friday, December 9, 2011

Somalia Crisis by: Christianernandez

Right now there's a civil war in Somalia and there is a famine at the same time. Right now the peace keepers have said they are winning and have scored another critical victory, a bomb shelter. The peace keepers have also said that they are not just fighting Somalis but some alternate soldiers.
many people have died even one women was captured by 15 enemies and said that they and took turns raping her. Many organizations are helping
the most known are CARE and UNICEF.


Anonymous said...

it is amazing to hear that things like this are happening in our world. I can't believe that things, like the raping of the girl, are considered in some peoples mid as ok. Hopefully this is resolved quickly.

Anonymous said...

the jung kids should not be soldiers jet because they can get hurt and they might get used to the violence and they could probably kill for no reason

Anonymous said...

thats sad