Friday, December 9, 2011


     How can we do anything to help the people in the hunger that are starving because they cant help any piece of food. This is happening all over the world even in america were people get plenty of food and it is shocking thing that is going on. Even now it has gone to other states and started people starving even now people are jut hoping that they can get a piece of bread or a cracker. If only the people would let them get a job maybe they could get some food for there family. The only organizations that is helping me get ths information is the CNN organization.  Ross.B


GLmate said...

People just got to stop reprotucing, if africa did that there population will go down and they will have enough food to feed everyone

Anonymous said...

I fell really sad about the hungry kids. It makes me sad to think that they dont have any food and the pictures show how skinny they're. I hope that the kids get food so they dont die of hunger.

Anonymous said...

It makes me sad to think of these starving kids. These pictures show how skinny they're which is really disturbing. To sum it up, I hope that these kids get food so that they dont die of hunger