Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rescue the Animals

War's forgotten: Tripoli Zoo animals suffer, lacking food, water. The zoo keepers are involved in this because they were getting bombed and the owner didn't want to be close so they don't get hurt.This is happening because they were bombing the zoo so they would get away but they couldn't so now the animals are dying. The animals don't have any food or water to eat and drink. The animals that need water to swim in are dying.We can give more money for the zoo keeper to buy the things that are necessary. Some staff that use to work there came back to help get the stuff that the animals need. Their is no links to resources so you can just look it up in the internet to find out more about the animals and what has been done to help the animals stay alive.This is located in Tripoli,Lybia. This happend in August 2011.
By: Blanca P

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